We will be hosting the SemDial workshop on the semantics and pragmatics of dialogue, to be held in 2019.

We are organising a Workshop on Semantic Spaces at the Intersection of NLP, Physics, and Cognitive Science in  ESSLLI 2019 in Riga, Latvia.  This is jointly organised by Martha Lewis (ILLC), Dan Marsden (Oxford) and Sadrzadeh (QMUL). It is a third in the series of workshops  CAPNS2018 and SEMSO2016.

We will be teaching two courses in ESSLLI 2019 in Riga Latvia: (1) Vector Space Models of Meaning, by Lewis (ILLC) and Sadrzadeh (QMUL), and (2) Incremental Language Processing in Dialogue Systems by Eshghi (Heriot- Watt ) and Hough (QMUL).



  • We teach 2 NLP courses in the academic year 2018-2019:
    • A core NLP module covering the basic statistical, syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic methods in NLP,  in the fall semester (Sept-Dec 2018).
    • An advanced NLP module going over the neural network technology available for NLP tasks,  in the winter semester (Jan-April 2019).
  • In June 2018 the DALI project organised the NAACL workshop CRAC: Computational Models of Reference, Anaphora, and Coreference.



Older events

In 2015 we hosted the IWCS conference, and are helping organise the ENLG workshop:

We hold frequent CL/NLP seminars within the CogSci and Theory group seminar series:

We also hold weekly CL/NLP reading group and coding workshop sessions: